October 28, 2016

Gallery Ripensarte

We’re working on a project of Concept Gallery, an expanded understanding of the concept of the gallery. No longer a fixed point where you purchase works, but a network of assets for art made with mobile devices.

This network is aimed at a wide audience of art lovers, artists and other professionals working with digital art. A community of interested in art Mobile Digital, which aims to stimulate knowledge and discussion on the recent production of contemporary artists from around the world, presenting to many for the first time masterpieces in Tablet and Smartphone.

By subscribing for free to the community, the different types of users will be able to create and disseminate their gallery, save, share and give their preference to artists and works, have access to a network of professionals and content (text, video, classrooms) designed to create and disseminate critical pathways that promote the art culture developed on Smartphones and Tablet, contextualizing historical and critically, and adding value to the production, distribution and sale of the works.

The Ripensarte artistic director, will be responsible to carry out selections of artists and professionals who will gain detachment in the community with presentations and interviews. The selected will thus be invited to actively participate and contribute to Ripensarte reflections. One of the services offered by the Warehouse Gallery is the magazine, published quarterly, with the aim of highlighting the work of several artists selected.


We also offer a range of products related to the implementation of digital works and their maintenance over time, they want to further expand our concept of the gallery. We think it is necessary to ensure that the final result represents the creative’s desired result, we will innovate the support for digital works, in order to ensure: the longer availability in time, updating to the latest technology, providing safeguards to the creative, as regards the rights of use and ownership, and the best spread and distribution. The digital work, created in a backlit platform, should have the opportunity to be exhibited also in its native environment respecting the vision defined by the artist, not only in its printed version, as was generally thought to move into a physical status.


The Ripensarte Gallery is being created, we hope to provide as soon as new information.  

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